Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, I have a hyperactive mind, filled with dreams and visions we all are, all seven of us, waiting for you.
Much of what you find here is unusual, some of it is bizarre and some of it is downright shocking..but as far as I know it is all true.

Web sites..
this web site is wholly dedicated to the greatest and most mysterious "object" in the world, the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull
this web site is dedicated to the world of Artopea where everyone who resides there is an artist of one kind or another

An introduction to Alchemy..that deeply symbolic spiritual study and practice that transforms our inner and hidden world
from the gross dross of organic life into the spiritual Gold of God.
An "off the charts" gathering of experimental music aficionados in the paradisiical setting of Big Sur California.
The miraculous advent of the transformation of America into that final form envisioned by our founders in 1776.
"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."--Thomas Jefferson
A study and analysis of the efforts to transform America into a fascist state as one nation among many in the "New World Order"

this blog features an "insiders" study of and the "skeleton key" to the unmasking of the organizational flow chart of men and those that master minded the Kennedy assasination and cover up.

An investigation (ongoing), into the 911 conspiracy that was our equivalent to Hitler's igniting of the Reichstag fire.

this blog is wholly dedicated tot he most important object in the world, the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull "of Love".

New and important discoveries, efforts, revelations, and manifestations of the" avant garde" in our thinkers and artists that are sharpening our edges.
This blog is dedicated to the artist that broke through the wall of artistic limitation of form, and in so doing set us all free.
this blog is dedicated to the Spirit of America and what we can do together to restore her too her rightful destiny as the fortress for Democracy of the world.
This blog is dedicated to the man, Gene Savoy, and his associates, that together developed and reclaimed from deepest antiquity, the most powerful and proven system for "Self Realization".
This blog is dedicated to a study of one of the most closely guarded technological and psychological secrets of our time, the so called UFO phenomenon.
This blog is in memorium to Mae Brussell the most brilliant, prophetic, and fruitful conspiracy researchers of our time.
All religions have their despots. This blog is dedicated to the unmasking of the dark side of the Dalai Lama.
This blog is dedicated to the unmasking of the men that have conspired to loot our nation blind, and by doing so, have so far succeeded in the biggest robbery in the history of the world.